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I am an independent consultant and developer helping organisations to make the most out of the modular Drupal Free/Libre Open Source Software framework by connecting with the right resources within the community in order to deliver successful projects. Depending on individual project requirements sometimes that's just me, other times it is a hand-picked team of experts in relevant fields within the Drupal community. I deliver successful projects and help people navigate the Software Libre landscape, building on my 25 years of industry experience, 15 years of modular web app platforms - 10 of which have been producing solutions using Drupal.
The last five years I have focused on connecting with as many of the Drupal community as I can and have attended seven DrupalCon events both in Europe & the US, and many DrupalCamps, including organising my own Drupal events. Through my work I have built a network of over 200 Drupal agencies, freelancers, and contractors whom I partner with on projects based on skillsets, availability, and budget. I know who's good, and what they're good at - often it's said there is a lack of Drupal talent, whereas it is out there, just spread across the world. 
Based in the City of Brighton and Hove on the South Coast of the UK, I work closely with clients to match supply with demand in this diverse marketplace to ensure project success by working with those who understand, and give back to, the Drupal platform.
To find out how I can help your organisation get up and running with Drupal, please contact me.



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