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I am an independent consultant helping organisations to make the most out of the modular Drupal Free/Libre Open Source Software framework by connecting with the right resources within the community in order to deliver sucessful projects. I help people navigate the Software Libre landscape, building on my 25 years of industry experience, 15 years of modular web app platforms - 10 of which have been producing solutions using Drupal.
Based in the City of Brighton and Hove on the South Coast of the UK, I am building a Virtual Enterprise Network for Drupal, partnering with organisations who involve themselves in the Drupal community and make it flourish. I work closely with clients to match supply with demand in this diverse marketplace to ensure project success by working with those who understand the Drupal platform.


Enders Analysis

Currently migrating from SugarCRM to Drupal's OpenCRM. Previously developed custom integration modules for integrating Drupal with SugarCRM and Mailchimp.


Drupal Commerce build. Heavy use of Commerce, Feeds, and third party integrations for e-learning.

Story Worldwide

Provided Drupal 7 Commerce and jQuery expertise.

Access Advertising

Provided Drupal site building best practices training on-site to a Manchester-based Drupal development team.


Trained Brighton & Hove City Council in Drupal site building best practices as they are adopting Drupal as their web platform of choice.

Eurovision Showcase

Developed Drupal 7 media site for showcasing content from members of the European Broadcasting Union.


Developed a complex hierarchical site for The University of Manchester / Open University.

Online Borders

Developed Spatial Apache Solr faceted searching with maps for this regional business web site.

Disney Screenings

Developed a ticket booking system to support national advertising campaigns.

Books for Keeps

Developed complex architecture for 30 years of childrens book reviews.


Provided Drupal development services when this high-traffic site decided to move from Java to Drupal.


Largest UK Drupal install, provided consultancy on elearning SCORM player integration.


Microsite build for Mazda when they sponsored the London Triathlon. Integration with Facebook and other web services.



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