Photo of Gill Hind

Gill Hind

COO, Enders Analysis

Our new [native Drupal CRM] system is much more flexible. It enables us to actually use the data (and quickly), thus making us more productive in the long term.

Photo of Douglas McCabe

Douglas McCabe

CEO, Enders Analysis

For a business like ours your [native Drupal CRM] solution is far better than Sugar - no contest. Much more flexible and customisable. Much more integrated with our other systems, i.e. our website. I’m certainly recommending this solution to anyone who asks.

Photo of Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller

UK Sales Director at Gorkana


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Steve. His wide ranging knowledge of the industry is commendable and the genuine enthusiasm he demonstrates for all technology streams makes him a valued member of any team.

Photo of Geert Conard

Geert Conard

Management Consultant, ICT 4 SME

Excellent networker who isn't afraid to cross the chalklines. Technical gifted and building the foundations for something that will benefit to all of us. Steve, keep on doing what your doing !

Photo of Rory Murray

Rory Murray

Expert in improving efficiency. Ex-British Telecom

Steve is a gifted individual. He's technically very strong but can both see and articulate his vision in clear and simple terms. He strikes me as an individual you could place significant trust in to get the job done. He is someone who will try to exceed his own high standards and your expectations.

Photo of Arnnei Speiser

Arnnei Speiser

CEO at Mega AS Consulting Ltd. Security Innovation

Steve is a true professional, dedicated and persistent. His work in the area of open source is a blessing and helps many others. As a networker he contributes and helps other with his contacts.

Photo of Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins

Co-Founder & Managing Director at PowerTek Utilities

Steve has an exceptional understanding of the world of open source! I have found him to be resourceful, open, honest and dedicated to finding innovative solutions to business needs.

Photo of Michael Trup

Michael Trup

Interactive Ideas Ltd.

Steve did a great job designing our website. The site has received much acclaim from some of our key vendors and he delivered on time and at a great price.

Photo of Bjørn Guldager

Bjørn Guldager

Consultant, project and change management.

I met Steve at an Ecademy BlackStar event in London January 2005 and here's a man with a passion for what he does (and does well). I recommend Steve highly for his wits, thoughts and attitude to life and sharing.

Photo of Dhananjay Parkhe

Dhananjay Parkhe


In a social business network like you don't get to meet people but some people whom I connect with leave a deep impression. Call it hunch that this connection would be useful someday, or call it just a pure respect, sincere feeling about them one likes to write an endorsement about them. Steve is one such impressive individual whom I would recommend. 

Photo of Hament Verma

Hament Verma

Technology Specialist at Zensar Technologies Lt

Steve is helpful, focused and inclusive and understands the concept of winning by sharing.I endorse Steve's efforts in and Linked In. He clearly understands networking and makes the effrot to help other. Engage with him, join his club, network.

Photo of Peter Norris

Peter Norris

Business Development Consultant

Steve is tenacious in his quest to bring open source to the world...

Photo of Michael Beddows

Michael Beddows

Consultant & Product Manager | Marketing Stack

A visionary and entrepreneur, Steve's ideals of freedom, liberty, and sharing will revolutionize the way people work together in the digital world. Driven to succeed, he inspires everyone he meets.

Photo of Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke

Enabling Better Business | Connecting People

Win Steve's trust and you will have an advocate who is second to none.

Photo of Mark Posen

Mark Posen

MD at RPC Telecom


Steve is simply *the* man to talk to if you want to know anything about open source. He is friendly, helpful and highly knowledgeable. Steve is highly recommended.

Photo of Ronald Wopereis

Ronald Wopereis

Developer of Food Community software

Steve has the true spirit of the ancient samurai. Once you and him are aligned, there is nothing that can stop the two of you from achieving your goals. 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~Confucius

Photo of Leif Kendall

Leif Kendall

Freelance copywriter


Through a discussion with Steve I managed to cement a few ideas that had been running around my mind, slightly out of control. I recommend chatting to Steve if you are looking for direction - and actually if you aren't looking for direction, speak to him anyway because he'll probably inspire you.