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HolyMoly was one of the original celebrity gossip websites launched in 2002 but sadly closed its virtual doors in 2015.

Back in 2008 the site was running on Java which was hard and expensive to adapt to their fast-moving editorial needs. As Drupal was on the rise as a respected Content Management System in the media industry they wanted to migrate their site over and this is when they were recommended to us as the Drupal experts.

Over the course of nine months we migrated their six years of data across to a new Drupal-based site and improved their workflow, including developing custom image uploading module so they could batch-upload and focus on a specific area of the image according to the naming of the image file.

By far the largest part of the migration was the heavily-used discussion forums. The existing system was hard to use for both community members and moderators alike, so worked with staff and a number of their regular posters to make the system as easy as possible, for which much praise was received post-launch.