Nickelodeon Junior Colour

Powering the fun of Nickelodeon Junior's online colouring app is Drupal. A set of line art is stored on the system, and when coloured in the layers are stored with users accounts. On the back-end, competitions can be managed such as 'pic of the week' and there are a number of functions such as send to a friend which compile the art and send it via email.

Universal Music uView App

Universal Music has an app for iOS and Android which provides Augmented Reality experiences used mostly for specific promotions.

Developed the content and asset management system which powers the app, working with the digital agency who were providing the content for these promotions.

Cartoon Network

Collaborated at the intersection of a games design company, a digital agency and the Cartoon Network to develop the asset management system and API to enable these cute creatures to please many a child!

When a user registers on the site they choose and customise their characters so the system goes and gets all the different types of bodies, eyes, headgear and so on and once selected they are stored along with the user profile. As games are played scoring information is also stored, and there is a limited messaging facility.