I'm Steve Purkiss, independent consultant helping organisations make the most of their IT investments.

I achieve this in three ways:

  • Focus on implementing best-of-breed Free/Libre Open Source Software, which has no license fees, no vendor lock-in, and enables tailoring of solutions to precisely fit the needs of organisations.
  • Close collaboration with those who build the software so as to provide the highest quality and sustain the community and software upon which organisations base their mission-critical activities.
  • Utilising methodologies including Impact Mapping and Behaviour Driven Development to ensure only what's needed and used is built, and both the client and supplier understand exactly what is being built, along with having full test coverage.

My career in IT began in 1987, and since 1998 I have focused on using modular software for rapid web application development, specialising in the Drupal CMS / Web application platform since 2003. Drupal is the largest Free/Libre Open Source Software project in the world in terms of contributors, with over 100,000 actively contributing users and powers many of the top sites in the world including the White House, the Australian Government, London Mayor, The Economist, The Grammy's, Weather.com, and many others.

My time is split between growing my network by attending various tech events around the world (mostly Drupal at the moment), keeping up-to-date with developments in the industry, and figuring out better ways to communicate the importance of Freedom when it comes to technology as more of it is integrated into our lives. When I'm not doing that you'll find me out cycling around on my beloved Brompton or swimming laps in a pool somewhere.

Software is a big investment but can provide big returns - to ensure the success of your next project, get in touch!