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Drupal videos I watched last weekend

One of the great things I've learned about the Drupal community is, well, the community. They have these 'camps' all over the world, and more and more of them are videoing their sessions and putting them up all over the place on t'internet. It used to all be on where I watched all the lovely drupalcon sessions, but now they're on loads of places, including the latest DrupalCamp Austin ones on Vimeo. Here's some of the ones I watched this last weekend. It's how I get my fix of the drop, and makes me think about all the lovely places I have the opportunity _and_ excuse to go visit in 2012 like Denver in March and Barcelona in the summer for dev days ;) Yes, that's how exciting my life gets ;)

I think some of these are from the previous year - all so good I just got carried away!

Building Results web Projects

I actually used the method the presenter describes in a client session today I held at our lovely local coworking space theskiff. I've been working on a similar methodology but this guy hits the nail on the head when it comes to processes. Blue-sky projects I think waver a little on it from my experience today, but perhaps that may just be first time nerves!

Drupal SEO: Panel Q&A with Volacci

Drupal's great at SEO and it's thanks to Volacci I know how to make the best use of it through their community contributions. I discovered you can even get a module which will show you how good your blog post is for SEO within Drupal itself. Maybe old news to you, sounds cool to me!

Apps Drupal Simplified

Download the LevelTen appstore. Trust me. Just do it. I'm not joking, it's the future. I sat there for at least half an hour just thinking about the possibliities for the future growth of Drupal, but then Eastenders came on the telly. No, seriously, it is the future and it's revived my interest in all things D!

How to recruit and retain top talent

It's not easy trying to grow a Drupal company in this day and age. Or indeed employ a Drupal person. Or get a Drupal site to work, etc. This video is just a gentle reminder we're all people and thus we need to share the monkey nuts far and wide. And chocolate. And beer. And pizza...

This Code Stinks

Great video from long-time Drupaler which makes you think twice about the code you write. Some of the examples given I think were a little harsh, I guess more of an inside joke maybe as I know how much everyone there gives in terms of time and effort, and sometimes things just slip by. But I'm the same, I'm a stickler for documenting code!

State of Drupal 7 Media

Really glad I watched this one - great to see there's been sprints and everything as it's a gallant effort trying to get all the various media and file methods working together in one nice place in Drupal and looks like it's finally getting in shape - go try it out!

From a Consulant to a Shop

Love this one - just what I'm going through right now and nice to hear from those who've been there, done that and got the Drupal T-shirt.

Keynote - The Drupal Community

Angie Byron has to be our fave Drupal peep in terms of sheer patience having to deal with the mountainloads of stuff she has had to deal with over the last few years co-maintaining Drupal and doing a whole host of other stuff. From her early beginnings at the Google Summer of Code, Angie explains her journey so far and how you too can get involved no matter what you do or do not know so far!

Building a Strong, Profitable Drupal Business (keynote)

A must for Drupal biz owners!